The Age Old Debate: Nose Covered Goggles

All right, obviously this is not an age old debate. But it is a question we encounter frequently when teaching swim lessons. Parents often ask if they are hindering their child’s swimming development when they are allowing them to wear nose-covered goggles. Before I can give you a point blank answer, let us explore the reason on why or why not to wear these specific type of goggles.

I remember when I was really young seeing a friend of mine at a swim party have these specified goggles. At the time, I plugged my nose every time I went under water. I thought these goggles would solve all my problems. I asked to borrow them and found put I could use both arms when swimming underwater. I showed my mom and begged her to get a pair for me. Here is the thing, I don’t remember if my mom did or not. I also do not remember on how I eventually stopped plugging my nose under water. Before you sarcastically think this is the best story ever, there is a point to this tale. Children love these goggles when they are timid in the pool, it can give them confidence in the water that they never have had before. Here are the reasons why we are against it.

As nice as it is to have your child love swimming in the pool, you want to wean the habit of closing their nose under water as soon as possible. The main and foremost reason is safety. Blowing bubbles underwater with your nose is one of the basic survival skills when going underneath any body of water. Having both your hands when swimming is better than one. You want to have your child to develop confidence in the water in a normal and healthy manner and not dependent on a device that, heaven forbid, if an emergency happens, they are unprepared for.

The question is now asked on how do I develop these confidence skills of going under water for my child without those specified goggles. And that is obviously when we come in, private swim lessons cater to your child’s specific needs. You always want your child to be safe and confident in the water, and having someone teach your child that in lessons is one of my biggest recommendations. In all honesty, I would say do anything to build up a child's confidence in the water besides the nose covered goggles. They produce more problems than actual good.

Now that we have finally figured out that debate, let us go and swim with our nose-less covered goggles and soak up some sun while we are at it.

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