Swimming in a winter wonderland

Christmas is over, the sugar plums have danced in our heads, and often in our stomachs, along with hot chocolate, heavy meals, snacks, and pies aplenty. All while we leisurely enjoyed family and friends. When what do our wondering eyes suddenly spy? The numbers on the scale have hit an all-time high! It’s time not for January resolutions that last a few weeks, but for family lifestyle changes that last all year.

Swimming can be a family affair exercise that is not only fun but allows for participation all year long. Set aside 20-30 minutes 4-5 a week for swimming exercise with the entire family. Swimming is easy on the joints and works all of the muscles in the body. We are fortunate in Florida to have heated pools and beautiful weather, but in other colder areas of the country, many exercise clubs provide access to indoor heated pools.

Young swimmers who are just learning will benefit from reinforcement and practice during the winter months. While advanced swimmers will reap health benefits from the exercise. Swimming together is a great way to encourage family bonding and escape the trap of screen time and winter laziness. We recommend creating a routine for swimming, those who have taken classes with us already have a practice plan. If you do have not have a practice plan think about breaking down your exercises or skill sets into 5 minutes segments to keep kids from getting bored and switch up the muscle groups you are using.

Don’t forget to incorporate fun games after you are done practicing if you are swimming at home! Games are still great exercise and requires practicing skills such as bubbles, kicking and underwater object retrieval skills. Some of our favorites are Marco Polo, sharks and minnows, diving for rings, and red light/ green light (either with kicking or swimming). Spending time together swimming is great family bonding, great exercise, and helps your kids retain their swimming skills!

At Swim Tutors USA we challenge your family to swim together this year. As always, should your anyone in your family need instruction, we are here to provide the basic skills or advanced techniques. We hope you will find time this year to incorporate swimming into your weekly routine and embrace what Dory says, “Just keep swimming!”

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