Swimmers who are exceptional learners- we've got you covered!

Hey Mamas with kiddos who are exceptional - we see you! We know when you fill out a registration form for swim lessons you have a million questions, but the most important is, have you ever worked with a child like mine? It’s tough. You know your child forward and backward. The very idea of putting your trust in someone, in the water, with your amazing and unique child is scary. We get it.

So here is our advice when looking for an instructor for your amazing kiddo! Be upfront with the swim school, beating around the bush or concealing your child’s needs often makes classes more difficult for your child. Ask questions about the swim school. What experience do they have working with children similar to yours? How will they be able to accommodate your child’s needs? Listen, are they asking you for input? What is their background? It is okay to shop around for instructors that can meet your child’s needs.

What should you expect from lessons? At Swim Tutors USA we create Personalized Education Plans (PEPs) for each student. Your student’s PEP will be adapted to meet their needs. While most students over the age of 2 do not have parent involvement in the water, we may determine that it will work best if you are a participant. No two student’s PEPs are ever the same, so your student’s PEP will take into consideration any adaptations put into place at school. In the past, we have used calming techniques that are in a child’s IEP, additional floatation devices for mobility issues, differentiated teaching techniques, additional time for processing, and visual cues. We also use visual charts for non-verbal students. Our experience with students who are exceptional is broad and we are ready to adapt with your valuable input.

As with any type of instruction for your child, the focus should remain on their ability, not their exceptionality. We believe all children should be provided the opportunity to learn to swim! Be sure to look for swim programs that are willing to work to adapt to your specific needs. Clear communication will put everyone on the same page. And if you happen to be in SWFL, give us a call!

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