Swim Lessons, Checking it Twice?

Going to a new restaurant can be a bit scary, you never know what you will be getting. Service, food, and atmosphere all play important aspects in what makes a good restaurant versus a bad one. And when is goes bad, it is clear. You leave the restaurant knowing full well whether you will ever go back. So why isn’t it the same with swim lessons? I have had clients say before coming to me that they went to a previous swim facility for months before deciding that it wasn’t working out. Besides that maybe they paid a certain amount of lessons and decided to fill them out before leaving, what else was holding them back? Here are a few reasons on why that is and what you can learn while choosing swim lessons for your own.

A lot of parents do not know what to expect from swim lessons and what their child is able to accomplish. It is not until they see that the child has not progressed in X amount of time that it becomes clear. Education with parents and what the student's level is at is important for a smooth set of lessons. Swimming takes practice and dedication, and most parents realize that, so figuring that the lessons are going to take time is to be expected, but it is when it goes too far that it gets upsetting.

This leads to parents expectations being too low or even maybe too high. Communication is dire with the instructor and parent. The parent needs to know what is going on with their student and to gauge on what is a average level for the student. This leads to respect and trust with the parent and instructor.

Of course we all know that trust takes time, which leads to more delay in knowing if these swim lessons are worth the time. There are some cases when trust is built but on wrong grounds. Very much like going to the doctors, one thinks when going that they are the experts, one is not, therefore one gives them all the trust. Recognizing a well suited swim instructor versus an incompatible one is vital as well. It is a learning process for the instructor and student, so mistakes will happen, but when the mistakes are consistent is usually when people leave. And sometimes, it is not the instructor at all, but the facility the instructor is under that is the problem, which again, is something that one cannot find out until several mistakes happen consistently.

Knowing if swim lessons is a right fit for you and your student(s) does take time. But knowing the signs and what to look for with swim lessons helps prevent any delay in knowing. Always do your research before starting swim lessons with the company/instructor. Research what your child’s level should be at and how swim lessons are conducted. Knowledge is power. And that can lead to happiness for you, the student, and the instructor.

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