Pencils, Notebooks, Glue Sticks… Goggles?

Getting ready for the new school year is a daunting task that no parent ever feels ready for. All the summer beach trips and vacations that happened within the two months prior, all seem like a distant memory now with the back-to-school list in your hand. Fun is over, now back to business, right? Not quite. Although you may not be able to plan your Disney trips within the next couple of months, you can keep up the routines and activities that you planned during the summer. This includes your summer swim lessons.

With all the other extra school activities, it seems crazy to continue swim lessons, especially when it might get cold and your kids now know how to swim! Here are some of the reasons why you should not give up on the swim trunks just yet.

Depending on the age and level, one can “forget” how to swim. Through our experience we have had parents come to us one summer with their kids splashing from one end of the pool to the other; and then months later call us back telling us that their child has regressed… significantly… they can’t swim anymore. They did not practice in the pool. Swim lessons keep the dedication to swimming and help prevent any relapse. A bodybuilder does not stop lifting weights when competition is over, just like swimming, you cannot just stop or else you loose everything.

Besides the health benefits as an added bonus, having a familiar activity for your child throughout the school year will increase dedication and routine in your child’s life. Swimming can be a source of catharsis in your child's life when school life becomes too much. This habit will continue into adulthood and is good stress management for them.

Just because summer is ending, does not mean that the summer lessons, or memories, will end. It takes 66 days to start a habit, which means after the summer you should already have been in that habit. Do not let the backpacks throw you off from the swimming habit.

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