Man, I Feel Like A Woman

No one expected that two random women - who have only known each other for little over a year - would start a swimming business in southwest Florida, especially the two random women. But that is what happened and thus, birthed Swim Tutors USA. Late nights at Panara bread co. is just one of the factors that started our growing business. The reason I bring this up is to place remembrance on businesses that represent a smaller demographic in this time.

That being said, we do not compare ourselves to any minority group or any other group that has gone through immense opposition. With recognition of pride month and the realization of police brutality, our support will always go to them and the atrocities they face.

According to, women owned businesses employ about 9% of employment in the United States. But that statistic was back in 2017, and as we know, the employment rate has gone down significantly due to the Covid 19 pandemic. This is why it is so important to take the extra effort in going out to your local establishment in support of them, especially ones who represent a smaller community.

In our case, let us say you do not need any swimming lessons or someone you know does not as well, how can you support? Besides being a prevalent figure in our social media, liking and supporting any drowning prevention or sharing information on that to your family and friends can help drastically. Not only are you spreading the word on awareness for that issue, but also help lead people to finding swim lessons in their area.

In the end, supporting any small business, whether woman owned or not, is important in the economy, as we have learned these past couple of months. So keep sharing, liking, and commenting on those posts. It will definitely be appreciated.

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