Love That Goes Swimmingly

With Valentine’s Day coming upon us, our hearts immediately look to that special someone in our lives to share the 14th of February with. And if we don’t have a certain somebody to spend that day with, more likely than not, you’ll find yourself on that day with a tub of ice scream, sitting down, and watching reruns of Gilmore Girls. But, what if we take on a new approach this month, whether we have someone in our lives or not? This month, let us love ourselves more instead. Taking care of ourselves shows the love we need. While the gym may not be your speed, here are some helpful exercises in the water to combat your cravings for rocky road ice cream.

  1. Swimming laps in the water is one of the few exercises that work both cardio and weight training. All while having low impact on your joints! The freestyle is the most well known stroke that people often think of, but the backstroke is usually people’s favorite because it can be the most relaxing (having your head out of the water, I believe, might have something to do with that).

  2. Maybe laps in the pool does not pertain to you, there are still so many exercises to do in the pool. Water aerobics is a common exercise a lot of people use instead of laps. While there are classes out there to teach you, doing a quick google search can give you the basics to get a footing. (Pun intended).

  3. The last, and if I say so myself, the most important, are simple stretches in the pool. Stretching in the pool increases flexibility and mobility more than stretching on “main land” and can warm you up before any major exercises you plan on doing in the pool. My main recommendation, be sure to have a set of stairs and a railing nearby.

You may be thinking that I have made the exercises above rather vague, and I would have to agree with you on that. Learning these exercises helps tremendously when someone is there actually teaching you how to. That is why I recommend contacting us at Swim Tutors USA so you can learn in-depth on how to do these exercises in full detail.

With all that being said, no matter what, always take care of yourself, whether in the water or not. You should be your own Valentine’s gift this year, even if you have someone by your side. Always make yourself proud first!

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