Finding Comfort and Normalcy During This Panicky-Pandemic Time.

One of our business models is putting others before ourselves. That is why we were one of the first swim schools, if not businesses in the area, to close our doors, or more like yours, to flatten the curve and keep others safe. People thought we were being too hasty, but we knew that if we accidentally infected one of our students going from house to house, we would be lying about our business principles; plus we would feel terrible. The question remains is how can we continue to help others keep their sanity and safety?

If you know about our program, it involves homework, we give you things to keep practicing on during the week, or in between classes. We wanted to keep implementing that school of thought which basically means to keep practicing. Although it is a little difficult for 1-1 swim lessons, Miss Kristen, being the genius that she is, brought to people’s home Aqua Fitness classes. (Full disclosure: she is obviously not the one writing this post, she is way to humble to write like this) These classes are implemented to help people keep moving in the water at their own home, and at their own pace if they want! Homeschooling at it’s finest.

We still wanted to help people continue to keep their physical exercise but still remain cautious to stay home. This world right now is scary, no other word to describe it. So having those little things that you can remember doing before all of this, like Aqua Fitness classes, bring a sense of comfort in these times. Plus, if something can get you to go outside and away from family members that are driving you nuts, then that is a job well done in our book. I kid, of course. I love my family…

We do not know when we are going to start lessons up again. As always, safety is number one, so ultimately, when we feel that it is safe for everyone to start lessons again, that is when you will see our smiling faces again. Until that time, keep active, stay home, and stay safe.

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