"But trust me on the Sunscreen"

Summer is finally here! Get the pool parties going and start the fire on the grill. Everything is almost ready for your summer bash with friends and family. Of course you have the party favors laid out and the towels nearby. Everyone is here and ready to bask in the sun. You’ve gone over the details and cannot think of anything you missed, not until after the party when you see your two sons, lobster red. Aloe vera is now your best friend.

As someone living in Florida, it is difficult not to think about sunscreen protection. That being said, everyone here is still looking out for that perfect color on their skin, therefore making an excuse not to wear any SPF. Before we start enjoying the rays without any protection, just wanted to give you a few reminders on why you may not want to forget any sunscreen.

  1. Skin cancer is the classic to-go to with reason on putting it on. According to skincancer.org, 4.3 million cases of basal cell cancer are diagnosed each year in the U.S. More reason to rub that lotion in.

  2. Another reason why I wanted to “nag” you on the dangers of UVA rays is your lovely skin will age quicker. This is again I am sure to you not a shock. Seeing leather skin on a person in Publix is the normal around here. Yet, that still does not hinder us from lack of responsibility to ourselves. Scars will become deeper when you burn, (aka. If you have any acne scars). Wrinkles will also deepen. To keep that youthful look, stick with SPF 50.

  3. Last, but not least, the probably main cause on why people wear sunscreen is for lack of pain later. I really don’t have to explain this considering I think the majority of Floridians have gone through this.

Other forms of protection that lotion can’t get: hats, sunglasses, rash guards, and lip balm. All secondary characters but equally important. While you are having fun, just don’t forget about the protection you and your children need. Every 80 minutes, make sure you and your child use the sunscreen again. Reapplication of sunscreen is key! No one wants to look like a leather purse or a lobster!

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