Adult Swimmers Matter!

What if you retire to Florida, buy the home of your dreams, meet amazing friends who love the beach but you can’t swim? Or the home of your dreams comes with a beautiful pool and you’re afraid of the water? This is a common reality for many adults. You’ve accomplished your life goals, worked hard, raised children, successfully conquered mergers that common folks cannot even begin to understand - still that water has a hold on you. Or maybe you want to learn to swim but every google search turns up classes that look like they’re for children. It’s a defeating feeling.

Bravery literally starts with your first class. You can learn to swim at any age and in Florida, where we are surrounded by water everywhere it is critical that all persons know how. We frequently get the following questions surrounding adult classes:

  • Can I learn if I have an injury? Get clearance from your doctor. Swimming can often be modified for injuries.

  • How long will this take? It’s mostly up to you! It depends on your goals, how much you practice and willingness to learn.

  • I’m afraid of the water - can you help? You betcha!

It’s your time, it’s your turn. Being nervous about taking a class is understandable, so what can you expect? We recommend a 1-1 class like those we offer so you can have the undivided attention of the instructor and have class in the comfort of your home or community pool. An effective class for a new adult swimmer should:

  • Identify your needs as a new swimmer - what are you comfortable with? Do you have skills already? Do you have a fear of the water? This conversation should happen before the first class

  • Set clear goals for the classes according to your wishes/goals.

  • Set up a routine/practice plan to work on outside of class.

  • Feel comfortable with your instructor - you’re going to need to trust us!

  • Ask questions!

Be brave! We are here to support your new and endeavor! Whatever your skill level, your comfort level, or knowledge base - we are here to help. Let’s get you swimming today!

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