Frequently asked questions

Do you offer infant classes?

Unfortunately, we have found our methods work best with children ages 2 and older.

What if it is storming or cold?

We pride ourselves on flexibility and living in reality. No one controls the weather! We can reschedule if the outside temperature is below 70, or if the winds are howling!

Can we swim more than once a week?

If our schedules permit, of course!

How long will this take?

This is all dependent on your goal! We will give you feedback and let you know what to practice. Remember, each student is unique!

My child is differently-abled, are you capable of teaching him/her?

Yes! We have experience with students with different types of needs. Our one-on-one approach will allow us to work together to create an appropriate plan for your child.

Can you teach in a community pool?

Yes! We are insured to teach in community and at-home pools. We cannot teach at a park run pool such as the Golden Gate pool, but any neightboorhood or private community pool works!

Do you specialize in ISR classes?

With over 25 years of experience, our teaching style is focused on positive-based learning. ISR is not a part of our program. We do focus heavily on water safety, just in a very different way.

Do you offer group classes?

We are focused on the individual needs of the students, so at this time we do not. However, if this is your need we can refer you to some great programs!

What time of year do you offer classes?

We teach year-round as long as your pool is heated! Summer is the busiest time for swim lessons, but we are available during every season to accommodate the needs of everyone. Days/times for availability varies by instructor.

Do you have any family discounts?

Yes, we do! Contact us for more details.

How are you protecting my child and my family from COVID 19?

No one wants to get sick. Miss Kristen is fully vaccinated as is her daughter. She is happy to wear a face shield upon request. She asks that you notify her if you are a close contact or get sick with Covid. She will do the same. All equiptment and toy are disinfected between classes.