Dedicated to Teaching Individuals to Swim Confidently

Our Program

We are often asked, what makes your program different?  Swim lessons in general consists of the same material.  However, our classes treat each student like the individual they are.  Each student has their own 40-minute private class designed to meet their needs and taught at the pace that works for them. We also don't believe in being in classes forever.  All students receive a personalized education plan so they know exactly what to practice outside of class.  We believe in being up front about milestones and goals, once met, we often advise using the practice plan instead of staying in classes.  Many swimmers meet their goals and go on to use their plans to further develop their skills.


This may sound like a terrible business model, but as a Mom and consumer, I strongly feel it is the most cost-effective and ethical way to teach a life-saving skill to children and adults in Naples!  Of course, we are available to stay on with our students through advanced strokes, stroke refinement, and modification.  But at our heart, we here to quickly, yet thoroughly help our students learn to swim safely.

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Miss Kristen



Miss Kristen is Lifeguard, First Aid and CPR certified.   She lives with her daughter who is 17 and her cat who is 9.   Kristen holds a B.A. in English Composition from DePauw University and a M.Ed in School Counseling from Indiana State University. She has been helping children and adults learn to swim since she was 15.  Kristen has also spent the past 18 years as a school counselor.  The techniques she utilizes daily in the schools have been carefully woven into the curriculum Swim Tutors USA uses every day.  Kristen was a competitive swimmer growing up, and spent countless hours with friends playing in the pool in the Indiana home she grew up in.  She resides in Naples, FL.

Currently seeking professional insturctor to join the family!  Experienced interested persons should email here.